Nespresso Finland

Welcome to the new website!

We want to welcome all former and new customers to We hope you enjoy the new website.

As of June 8th we have opened a new webpage and online store. 

When you log into our page for the first time you should use the email you were using on our old site and press the "forgotten password" and we will provide you with a link to log-in to our new online store. 

In case you experience any issues with your account, don't hesitate to email or fill out the contact form below. 

The Nespresso mobile application is unavailable as of Wednesday 7th of June. 

But do not worry! You can still continue to order the full selection of Nespresso coffees, machines and accessories easily from, or you can visit any of our Nespresso Boutiqes to discover our inspirational world of coffee, where our Coffee Specialists will guide you to find your favourites.

Those Nespresso members, who have received an email reminder from Nespresso regarding unused Nespresso Credits on their account, need to be in contact with Nespresso on returning of their open Credits. Open credits will be returned in cash and customers must get back to Nespresso with their bank account details.


To process your request, we would need following details:


First name


Email address (which is linked to the member account)

Phone number

Bank name

Bank account details (always 16-digits IBAN format, e.g., FIXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XX)


Customers should share above mentioned details with Nespresso via email to by 30th of September 2023.

Unfortunately we were not able to directly bring all of your information to the new site. However customer emails are still intact and you can simply press the "forgotten password", use the email that you used on the old site and you should recieve a link to reset your password and log in as usual. 
However, if you run into problems please reach out in the form below. 

We are sorry to hear that. 
We can help you if your reach out providing us with user details (email and name). However, you may also proceed to create a new user on the site. 

By clicking 'Accept All' you consent that we may collect information about you for various purposes, including: Functionality, Statistics and Marketing