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The Barista Ice Tray is sculpted for your kitchen, and for your coffee.

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The Barista Ice Tray is sculpted for your kitchen, and for your coffee.



Dressed up in stripes, these ice cubes are designed by Frederico Peri and add a  touch of modernity to all your coffee creations. Crafted to last longer, the nine ice cubes are 30g each. They’re just the right size for your every recipe, so your drink is always perfectly balanced.​

It’s iced coffee, carved to your liking.

Designed by Federico Peri

Capacity: 9 ice cubes to fit both OL and VL recipes
Dimensions (tray): L 14.6cm, W 11.9cm, H 2.6cm
Weight (1 ice cube): 30gr, the best grammage to avoid melting too quickly
Material: silicone
Dishwasher safe


Always free delivery to the closest post office

when you order for min. €50. 


Give life to your aluminum capsule - recycling coffee capsules is easy and effortless.


Place your order by 15:00 the day before and it will be delivered to you by 9:00 the next morning. 

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